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Why Understanding Web Hosting Can Change Your Business

Web hosting is very important in business today. Many businesses are going online, and they need these services to do business. As a business or website owner, you need to fully understand how web hosting works and how you can avoid making the wrong choice of web hosting company. In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is simply an internet hosting service that makes your website accessible via the world wide web. Web hosting services may include space on a server and internet connectivity in a data center. Web hosting can be done on a small scale or large scale depending on the needs of the user. As a website owner, you may want to seek an expert opinion on the type of hosting service you need.

Small Web Hosting Service

A small scale web hosting service is used by web pages where files can be uploaded via web transfer protocol or web interface. You can get most small scale web hosting services for free by subscribing to an internet service provider (ISP's). Many companies are offering free web hosting services on the internet. You can sign up with any one of them. Free web hosting is one way to cut costs. Note that free web hosting services are limited. If you own a personal web page like a personal blog, free web hosting is all that is necessary. However, a business website hosting may require more than it. Service providers like Chicago hosting solutions provide hosting solutions to meet the needs of small businesses.

Large Scale Web Hosting Service

Large scale services are used by websites of companies that are not internet service providers. These businesses need to be connected to the web always to run their activities. Some of these sites require strong database support and application development platforms like PHP, ColdFusion, Java EE, etc.

Types of Hosting

There are many types of web hosting but not all of them are necessary at the same time. You must know what you need as this will enable you to make the right choice. Some of the common types of web hosting include-

#1. Reseller Web Hosting

This type of hosting is preferred by most people due to the freedom it gives. It allows the client to become a web host themselves. It is one of the best-paid hosting options in the market. Reseller Web hosting simply means that you can get a web hosting service and sell the same web hosting service to another client simultaneously. Users may provide their clients with the same services they enjoy from their providers. Resellers may even provide the technical support themselves.

#2. Dedicated Hosting Service

This type of hosting is a little similar to reseller web hosting. This type of hosting allows you to buy your web server, and enjoy control over it. Note that you do not completely own the server. In this case, you can either enjoy root access for Linux and administrator for Windows. Most dedicated hosting servers allow the client to be in charge of the security and maintenance of their server. Providers like Chicago hosting solutions allow you to specify the exact server requirement you need, while they build and maintain it. Dedicated hosting service is one of the best paid hosting for providers. A lot of clients want some form of control over their server.

#3. Managed Hosting Service

This is the direct opposite of a dedicated hosting service. Managed hosting service allows the client to buy a web server but not with control over it. Users do not have root access for Linux nor administrator access for Windows. However, you may handle data via FTP or any other compatible tool.

#4. Cloud Hosting

This is a relatively new hosting service. It makes use of a clustered load-balance and utility billing system to deliver scalable hosting. This type of hosting is usually more reliable since performance is not affected when one of the computers in the cloud shuts down. It is not affected by power outages and you are only charged for what you use. However, users usually have minimal control over data security or privacy. For instance, Chicago hosting solutions provide their clients with fully custom private cloud solutions dedicated to your company.

#5. Clustered Hosting

Cloud hosting is more effective when multiple servers are hosting the same content. Clustered hosting is popular for its ability to create scalable web hosting solutions for clients.

Tips For Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company

Many business websites are hacked daily and most times it is because they are using the wrong web hosting company. If you have a website, what you need is a reliable and reputable web hosting company, but how can you find such companies with the thousands of providers on the internet? It is simple. Follow the few tips we are going to share below to avoid choosing another wrong web hosting company.

#1. Let Your Choice Be Based On Your Need

The common mistake a lot of people make is choosing a web hosting company without understanding what they need. For instance, a website that helps create a virtual resume will require fewer features than one that features video blogging. Take time to think about the soul of your website. A big website will need more than a free web hosting service provider.

#2. Read Reviews

Don't just choose. Find out what others think about the web hosting company. Most times, you need to go beyond reviews. Find out if any business you know personally uses the web hosting company.

#3. The Right Amount of Bandwidth

Find out the amount of bandwidth a web hosting company offers a new website and the rate for the offer. Some offers may seem very good until you need an update and the fee becomes too expensive.

#4. Read Terms of Service

This is very important. Know what you are getting into before the agreement. Some web hosting companies may not provide what they advertised. Be sure the offer is included in their terms of service.

#5. Test Their Security Features

You may have to ask them to test their security features. You need to know how protected you are. Privacy and security is everything in web hosting. If they are not top-notch, don't go with the company.

#6. Have A Back-Up Plan

Even if you are going with a particular web hosting company, ensure that you have your backup plan in place. Anything can happen, and you don't want to be caught unawares.


We have been able to show you how web hosting works, and different types of web hosting services. More so, you have seen tips for choosing the right web hosting company. We believe you have all the information you need to take your website to the next level. Start the change today.

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