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How to Decide Between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

As a web hosting provider, we like to present our customers with a wide variety of options. We do this by providing shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting all under one roof. There are significant differences between these three options and it's important that you understand these differences before you decide on a plan. Below, you will find a complete and thorough analysis on these three options, so that you can decide what your website and business needs before you place an order.

Shared web hosting is for small to medium-sized websites

If you own or host small to medium-sized websites, shared hosting should be plenty adequate for your needs. Essentially, shared hosting provides you with space on a server, where all of the resources are shared. This means the processor and the RAM for the computer are shared as well. The downside to this is that because it is shared, other people could potentially affect the server, causing your website to run slower on some occasions. This would only happen if a customer was ready for an upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server, but failed to do so and stayed on shared hosting. That customer would immediately be moved to another server or advised to upgrade, since they are affecting the quality of the web hosting for other customers. Shared hosting is great for new websites or customers that are not experienced with the complications of VPS' and dedicated servers.

Virtual private servers are for medium-sized websites

A virtual private server is great for a medium-sized website or several smaller ones. If you want to have dedicated RAM or processing power, a VPS is exactly what you need. While you are still going to share the server with other customers, you are going to have guaranteed RAM and processing power, which ensures that your website can never be affected by another customer on the server. These guaranteed resources ensure that your website runs fast and is properly hosted at all times.

Dedicated servers are for large-sized websites

A dedicated server is designed for a much larger website, or for several medium-sized websites. If you need an entire server that is fully preserved for your needs, dedicated servers are the solutions. Keep in mind, a dedicated hosting package is going to be much more expensive than shared or VPS hosting. You will essentially own all of the processing power, RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth for the server. This means that you can host an extremely large website with lots of traffic, or you can have lots of medium-sized websites on the same server. Dedicated hosting also provides a dedicated IP address, which can be beneficial to your search engine rankings. Dedicated hosting is a premium offer that we have here and we have some of the best pricing in the industry.
Shared hosting is generally going to be fine for most customers, but VPS hosting or dedicated hosting could be the ideal solution if you have a large website or lots of smaller ones. Be sure to get a hosting package that meets the needs of your website.

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